Glowing Tape Pathfinder Glow

Glowing Tape – Emergencies happen. Have egress procedures in place and use Pathfinder Glow Tapes and Exit Markers to help your workers find their way to safety in a lights-out situation.

Glowing tape


Protect your workers during blackouts and evacuations. Our Glow-in-the-Dark Tapes will “GLOW” 6+ hours. This product comes with an aggressive permanent pressure sensitive adhesive that will adhere to most any clean, dry surface.

Ideal for highlighting critical areas and especially those prone to power failure. To ensure that our glow in the dark grip tape is highly visible and effective it possesses two separate levels of photoluminescent coatings. The level of grip is far in excess of any existing or proposed anti slip legislation and requirement; this includes UK, EU, America or Australia. Great indoors or outdoors, light or no lights.


Help ensure people get out fast. Our new directional emergency exit tape is intended to be installed close to ground level, where a person would be crawling under smoke. The direction to the nearest exit is graphically shown to be easily understood in the chaos of an evacuation.